Euphorbia - No Devotion

About Euphorbia

Born in 2005, Euphorbia is a Dark Electro duo from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Through dark melodies, distorted vocals and heavy electronics, Ulisses Righi (vocals and programming) and Cirion Barboza (synthesizers and programming) deliver a journey to the dreaded and the unknown.

"Breathe at once... the air with no filters... and no devotion"

Eternal Lie

Eternal Lie is the latest album by Euphorbia, released on July 2016. It features 12 tracks, starting out slow with Arcturus and Miasma, and building up towards the fast paced, traditional four-on-the-floor in songs like Cage, Memento and A Doom from the Stars. It then finishes with Under the Spell, an introspective, gloomy electronic ballad.

The album includes a remix by the Brazilian electro-industrial act Nahtaivel, with whom Euphorbia has collaborated several times in the past years.

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